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When we’re young the question is often asked, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” We close our eyes and picture ourselves being rich and famous, or successful and happy. Then we open our eyes and answer the question. But it isn’t until much later that we realize we’ve answered incorrectly. Not that we have chosen poorly, but that we have answered the wrong question. We are asked, “what do you want to do?” and yet we closed our eyes thinking, ”who else could I be?”.


Car-Jumper - Episode 7

This was a fun one. About twenty of us drove out to Victorville to make this happen.

Directed by me. Written and produced with Spencer Strauss. Shot on a Glidecam by Brian King. Awesome score by Ryan Elder. VFX by Sevan Najarian. Starring Jim Klimek, Chase Fein, Brenan Campbell, and Emma Koenig. Some awesome Road Warriors. Some awesome dead bodies. And Baxter the puppy! (FULL CREDITS HERE.)

I don’t know what it says that this episode didn’t feel that different from making the other 6 episodes.